Thank you for visiting UConn.

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Thank you for interviewing at UConn.

Contact Information

Office of Medical Student Affairs and Admissions
Phone: 860-679-4713
Fax: 860-679-6763

Melissa Held, M.D.
Associate Dean for Medical Student Affairs

Thomas Regan, M.D.
Assistant Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs

Carla Burns, M.Ed.
Director of Admissions and Student Affairs

Liz Golebieski, M.P.H.
Administrative Program Coordinator

Antonella Pagani
Administrative Program Coordinator

Emily Montano
Administrative Program Assistant

We hope you enjoyed your virtual interview day with the UConn School of Medicine! Please feel free to contact us at or 860-679-4713 with any questions. This website contains the materials reviewed during your interview day, as well as some more in-depth information that may interest you.

What You Can Expect After Your Interview

Your interviewers will write narratives about your meeting and submit them. The Admissions Committee will then review your application, supplemental statement, and interview narratives. The Committee is devoted to holistically reviewing your information. The Admissions Committee meets regularly to review candidate files and decide on outcomes. Applicants will be notified via email of the Admissions Committee's decision. Committee decisions are Acceptance, Alternate List, or Not Accepted.


Applicants offered acceptance will be required to submit a deposit of $100 with their response within two weeks, which will be applied to tuition charges for the first year. If an applicant withdraws by April 30, the deposit will be refunded.

Accepted applicants must also release the results of a criminal background check to the UConn School of Medicine, and final transcripts for degrees in progress showing performance consistent with your record at the time of application. In the event that you encounter any difficulty with your remaining work, and/or the mandatory background check reveals new information, the Admissions Committee reserves the right to reevaluate your credentials.

Alternate List

For applicants who are offered a position on the alternate list, please note that movement occurs throughout the admissions season. UConn utilizes a rolling admissions process, and alternate listed applicants may be accepted at any time during the admissions season. Our alternate list remains open until the first day of orientation.

The Admissions Office staff will not disclose the number of applicants on the alternate list. In addition, we cannot make predictions about movement of the alternate list or an applicant's chances of admission in a given season, so keep this in mind if you contact us.

We do not accept letters of interest, additional letters of recommendation, letters of reference, etc., as these will not influence an applicant's place on the alternate list. If a candidate is no longer interested in remaining on the alternate list, they should contact the Admissions Office via email to inform us. Otherwise, we will assume that all candidates on the alternate list are interested in admission.

Once the class has been filled and the alternate list season has closed, applicants will be notified via email.

You may find the links below helpful as you consider UConn.

teacher oversees students

M Delta Curriculum

The curriculum of the School of Medicine spans a four-year period, divided into three stages. In stage 1 (Exploration), students study the basic medical sciences in a clinical context utilizing a team-based learning approach, and begin the process of learning clinical medicine in different settings. In stage 2 (Clinical Immersion), students conduct their clinical clerkships at John Dempsey Hospital and our clinical partners. In stage 3 (Transformation), students continue to pursue their special interest in medicine through advanced rotations and electives, and begin the transition to residency.
Curriculum Chart ILO examples
TBL Video

medical professions working during urban service track

Urban Service Track

The Urban Service Track is designed to produce a cadre of well qualified health care professionals committed to serving urban underserved populations. An interprofessional group of students is selected each summer to participate in the UST curriculum focused on the underserved urban and rural communities.

Students celebrating during National Resident Matching Program (NRMP)

Match Statistics

One critical measure of the success of a medical school is the placement of its students into excellent residency programs. UConn medical students have had great success matching into the most competitive specialties at top programs. While general match data for the graduating class of 2020 is available on our website, these documents are the Match Day programs for the last three years and include more detailed information, while excluding student names for privacy purposes.

2021 Match2020 Match 2019 Match 2018 Match

UConn Health medical professional researching on computer

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office welcomes your questions regarding financing your medical education at Please reference the information on their website on financial aid, as well as tuition and fees. File the 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online as soon as possible using UConn’s school code 001417. To be considered for need-based institutional aid, fill out the 2022-2023 UConn Institutional Aid Application as soon as possible (available in November), and include parental information. The priority date for financial aid applications is February 15th.

Financial Aid video
Financial Aid Fact Sheet

UConn Health medical professional researching on computer

Out of State Residents

Tuition varies for residents of Connecticut, out-of-state residents, and those eligible for the New England Regional Student Program (residents of Maine, New Hampshire & Rhode Island). Students who are not Connecticut residents can apply to reclassify as in-state during their first year of medical school. If granted CT residency, then students would benefit from the in-state tuition rate for the rest of their academic program. In addition to proving you live in CT by doing things like getting a CT driver’s license, and registering to vote in CT, applicants for CT residency must also be emancipated and prove financial independence. The guidelines and required documents are explained in the attachments below. Questions about residency reclassification can be addressed by Becky Straub at
In-State Residency Information and Application 2021-22

UConn Health medical professional researching on computer

Campus Tour

We wish we were able to welcome you in-person for your interview day! In addition to sharing our vibrant community, we especially miss showing you our campus and the state of the art technology utilized by our students. Instead, we can share our virtual tour of campus and hope to welcome you in-person to Farmington soon!

Virtual Tour Video