Student Research Opportunities

graduate student in skeletal biology works in the Institute for Regenerative Engineering lab

Student Research Opportunities

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Stefan Brocke, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Immunology

Phone: 860-679-8860

Students at the UConn School of Medicine can enroll in research opportunities that may span one month to several years, including:

  • Formal research protocol and design courses in order to gain familiarity with the research process.
  • Individualized research project for elective credit.
  • The design and implementation of an individualized summer fellowship with faculty mentors.
  • A variety of full year enrichment fellowship programs available either through the school, nationally competitive programs, or as a special leave of absence identified by the student with support from the school.
  • Research interests in public and health care management and organization through participation in the combined degree programs, M.D./M.P.H., or M.D./M.B.A.
  • An M.D./Ph.D. which requires an additional three to five year commitment.

Additionally, supporting students' spirit of inquiry, encouraging the mental tenacity to see the project through, and expecting the ability to record, write-up, and present findings according to accepted scientific standards are the promises each of our faculty gives to each student embarking on any research endeavor with us. We want our students to appreciate what goes into the rigorous search for the right research questions, how to achieve the appropriate research design and protocol, and how to systematically convey experiences and results in oral and written form. We invite you to explore the opportunities available so that each student can build into his or her own academic development that unique set of skills and unique bond that develops among people invested in identifying and carrying out a protocol on a specific research question.

Medical/Dental Student Summer Research Program

A new program in scholarship linked to discovery by students is available. The research mentor, typically in a wet or dry research laboratory, will also receive funding to support students’ research projects. Additional details on this and other opportunities will be available soon - please check back.

Medical/Dental Student Scientific Research Day

Each year, the Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine set aside a day in late February to acknowledge and honor student research. A faculty committee reviews the abstracts of student research projects completed the previous summer. Students are selected to present their work for either formal oral presentation or poster sessions that run concurrently throughout the day. A guest lecturer is selected to serve as the capstone speaker. Students, sponsors, faculty, and family attend the awards reception/dinner. The research committee selects students for awards to acknowledge their contributions to research and excellence in their presentations.

The Selective Experience in Phase 3

Fourth-year students may engage in a two-month research experience to fulfill the Selective Experience.

Visit the Phase 3 Curriculum page for more information.

Fourth-Year Electives

Fourth-year students may also satisfy required M.D. elective months in research. Special requests must be processed through the normal elective approval procedure.

Fifth-Year M.D. Enrichment Program

The purpose of the Fifth-Year Enrichment Program is to encourage students to think broadly about their preparation for a lifetime career in medicine and to engage in some unique and intense year-long experience that supplements and enriches the standard medical school program.

Visit the Fifth-Year Enrichment Program page for more information.

Fifth-Year M.D. Enrichment Program – Center for Molecular Oncology Medical Student Academic Enrichment Fellowship

The CMO Fellowship is a one-year intensive mentored experience in human disease-oriented and/or clinical/translational research under the direction of a CMO faculty member. Students first consult with CMO faculty to prepare a formal plan of study and apply for acceptance to the Fellowship. Formal acceptance is contingent on acceptance to the Medical School's 5th Year Enrichment program.

Visit the Center for Molecular Oncology website for more information.
Visit the Medical Student Academic Enrichment Fellowship page.