Congratulations on Your Admission to UConn School of Medicine

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Congratulations on Your Admission
to the UConn School of Medicine.

Contact Information

Office of Medical Student Affairs and Admissions
Phone: 860-679-4713
Fax: 860-679-6763

Melissa Held, M.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Thomas Regan, M.D.
Assistant Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs

Carla Burns, M.Ed.
Director of Admissions and Student Affairs

Liz Golebieski, M.P.H.
Administrative Program Coordinator

Antonella Pagani
Administrative Program Coordinator

Emily Montano
Administrative Program Assistant

Admission to the School of Medicine is quite an accomplishment, and we are very pleased for you. Before the year gets started there is a good deal of information we would like to share with you, and some information that we will need to gather from you as well. This page is the source for that information, so please check it regularly. We will be adding important information over the course of the summer, and will notify you via email when we have made additions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


Launch, which includes orientation and curricular activities, (August 10-26) is a required event for all new students. Launch events may be in-person, or a combination of in-person and virtual activities. Please plan on being engaged, either in-person or online, from 8 am – 5 pm on those weekdays. Students will often rotate in small group experiences, and to accommodate the schedule there will also be some evening sessions that will require your participation. The Orientation/Launch period consists of a combination of activities to help familiarize you with the Health Center, meet your classmates, continue your “on-boarding” to the School of Medicine, and begin the foundational coursework that you will build upon in Block A courses. In other words, you will be attending classes during the Launch.

Preparatory materials for Orientation/Launch will be made available prior to August 10. Instructions on how to access these materials will be provided. You can expect that a significant amount of preparation will be required for a number of sessions during this period.


Please review the information on the Urban Service Track/AHEC Scholars program, an opportunity to work with urban under-served patient populations. The information includes a link to an on-line application for those who would like to be considered for this enrichment opportunity. The on-line application is available now and will remain open until July 1, 2022.
UST Information Letter


The UConn Board of Trustees, following a recommendation of the University administration, voted to implement a policy requiring that all students who will be in-person on UConn’s campuses beginning with the fall 2021 semester be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The goal is to safeguard our overall health including patients who may not have been vaccinated. This policy extends to all students at UConn Health. We ask ALL medical students including incoming M1s to be vaccinated before arriving on campus in August.

Please note that the policy allows students to apply for exemptions, including those for medical and other reasons. Information on how to apply for an exemption will be shared shortly by the Office of Student Affairs as well as how to upload your vaccination information.

If you have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19 and would like to schedule a vaccination at UConn Health, please go to:


This calendar refers to important dates that pertain only to incoming students in 2022-2023, and is subject to change.
Stage 1 Academic Calendar


Stage 1 students will be placed in one of three learning communities. Each learning community follows their own weekly schedule, consisting of 22 required contact hours per week. When classes begin in August we expect to be in-person, or a combination of in-person (small group) settings and virtual classes. As the situation with COVID-19 becomes clearer we will know more, but the schedule and curriculum have the flexibility to respond to the environment as needed. Learning communities (and weekly schedules) will be announced during Orientation/Launch. Students can expect to spend 60 hours each week between the contact hours and preparation/study time for classes.


You used your NetID to make your enrollment deposit. You will need your NetID to access curricular information on HuskyCT (instructions on that later). If you have forgotten your NetID, or need to change the password, you can retrieve it or reset your password at If you have questions, please contact UITS at 860-486-4357 or


New student network accounts have been created! Please use the UConn Health information in the list below to log in to You will be prompted to change your temporary password.

The initial password is set to First Initial First Name Uppercased + First Initial Last Name Lowercase + DOB (formatted YYYYMMDD). For example, John Doe with DOB 12/31/1999 would have an initial password of Jd19991231. You must enter leading zeros. For example, if John Doe were born on May 6, 1989 it would be: Jd19890506

After you change your temporary password you can access your UConn Health email by visiting with your new password. As a student, it is your responsibility to check this account on a daily basis.

You will also see your “Storrs” email account on the list. You will need this information during Launch for when you use Office 360. All email sent to your email will be automatically forwarded to your account.
List of email accounts


Incoming students must have a physical exam with Student Health Services. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 860-679-2893. Do not make an appointment that conflicts with new student orientation and launch, as your attendance is mandatory. You will need to bring the completed Health Questionnaire for Incoming Students, any available immunization documentation, and the signed Immunization Documentation Form to your appointment.
Download Health Letter
Download Health Questionnaire
Download Immunization Form


You must visibly wear your ID badge at all times in the Health Center. The ID Office will prepare your badges in advance, and they will be provided to you on the first day of orientation. In order to do this, you need to provide a “head shot” photo of yourself, and email it to by Monday, July 11th. In the subject line of your email, write your Last name, First name, student photo.
Your photo must be:

  • Against a solid background
  • A shoulders & up head shot (not a selfie)
  • In .jpg format
  • Facing forward


One of the assignments that should be completed prior to Launch is the reading for the book discussion. The book selected for this year’s orientation is Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics, and Big Business Re-create Race in the Twenty-first Century (2011) by Dorothy Roberts. Originally published in 2011, you can find the book as described below.

Please be prepared to discuss the assigned chapters on August 22nd. The educational team at UConn chose this book because it both addresses commonly held misconceptions about “race” and because it will serve as an important foundation for later sessions in Stage 1 of the curriculum.

Our choice of the book and instructions for discussion are adapted from a summer curriculum developed at University of Washington School of Medicine.

By the end of the summer reading program and small group discussions, incoming medical and dental students will be able to:

  1. 1. Identify that race was created as a social construct and is not a biological risk factor for disease;
    2. Distinguish how race has been used and misused in medical and dental education, scientific research and clinical care;
    3. Describe how racism contributes to health inequities.

We ask that you come ready for a respectful and thoughtful discussion of a topic that is central to understanding health care and health inequities in the twenty-first century.

Assigned reading: Chapters 1, 4, and 6.
Chapter 1 is in Part I of the book: Believing in Race in the Genomic Age
Chapters 4 & 6 are in Part II of the book: The New Racial Science

How to access Fatal Invention:
Faculty and students can access Fatal Invention in several ways. See below.

  1. 1. E-Book in UConn Health library*: you will need both your UConn Health login in (to get into the library) and your NetID and password, if it is asked for. Library e-book
    *Caution, only one person can access the e-book at a time. Good times to try include early in the morning.
    2. Any local library might have a physical or e-copy.
    3. Buy a paperback, available on Amazon from ~$12.00-$16.00 per copy.
    4. Probably the easiest way for many is buying Fatal Invention as a Kindle e-book.** The kindle version costs ~$13.00 on Amazon today. (Amazon) The kindle version allows you to highlight and take notes on the text, as you would on a physical copy.
    **Note, users do NOT need to own a Kindle device. Kindle has an app that works on smart phones, tablets and both PCs and Macs (Free Kindle Apps). The app is free. You can add the "audible" version and listen to the assignment for an additional ~ $3-$8.


Welcome to the UConn School of Medicine Clinical Immersion in the Community (CLIC) Program!

Starting in mid-September and continuing for three years, you will spend one half-a-day per week with one of our community faculty members working within their practice. The fundamental goals of the UConn CLIC Program are to expose you to patients in a continuity setting and to allow you to become increasingly involved with patient care as your knowledge and skills develop over time. The UConn CLIC Program is one of the defining features of our medical school curriculum and we like to offer students the opportunity to provide their preferences for site placements. We will do our best to take preferences into account when matching students to sites, but it isn’t always possible to provide student’s top choices due to availability and the schedule. We ask that you complete the brief questionnaire found via the link below by Monday, July 18th to help us in the placement process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rasy Mar at

Take the survey - Class of 2026


As a student, you will have a free membership to the Wellness Center, as well as access to free wellness classes. Located in LM-034 (around the corner from the Financial Aid Office), you will have 24/7 badge access. For questions, email the Wellness Center In order to gain access, register for the Wellness Center and click submit. After you submit your registration, your student ID badge will be activated and you will be able to swipe it for access to the Center.


As a student, it is a university requirement that you are insured in a medical insurance plan. ALL UConn Health students are automatically be charged for the university sponsored Wellfleet/Cigna medical insurance plan. The cost of the coverage, for the full plan year (August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023) is $2,946.00.

All of your program/tuition/charges/fees will be billed via the UConn student administration system. If you haven’t already, you will receive an email notification when your fall 2022 e-bill is available to view. You will not receive a printed/mailed fee bill. The $2,946.00 student insurance charge will be one of the charges posted on your fall 2022 term fee bill.

You do have the option to choose an alternative medical insurance plan – other than the university sponsored Wellfleet/Cigna plan. If you choose to be covered by another insurance plan (including a parent’s insurance plan) you MUST complete an online insurance waiver, to have the $2,946.00 insurance charge removed from your fall 2022 fee bill.

If you are considering enrollment in the Wellfleet/Cigna plan, and the additional dental coverage, you can find an explanation of the plan benefits/coverage in the Medical Benefits at a Glance, as well as the attached 2022-2023 Medical Coverage Highlights and Dental Plan Flyer.

The online waiver to decline the Wellfleet/Cigna plan, is accessed via the student administration system using your NetID. You can find the instructions on how to complete the waiver on the Waive UConn Health Insurance page. The online waiver is available until the deadline of September 15, 2022. If you have other alternative medical coverage and do not want to be enrolled in the Wellfleet/Cigna plan – you MUST complete an online waiver, prior to the September 15, 2022 deadline. Failure to complete an online wavier will result in your enrollment in the plan and you will NOT be eligible for a refund of the $2,946.00 premium.

If you have questions related to the plan, benefits or waiver process, please contact the University of Connecticut Insurance Coordinators Tara Schlagenhauf 860-486-9239 or Kathy Aldrich 860-486-4535.

Medical Coverage Highlights
Dental Plan Flyer


While the specifics of the Orientation and Launch schedule has not yet been finalized (August 10-26), the date for the White Coat Ceremony has been set! The School of Medicine’s White Coat Ceremony will take place on Friday, August 19th at 10:00 am. The current plan (subject to change if COVID-19 restrictions change) is to have a live in-person ceremony in the Academic Rotunda. The attire for the White Coat Ceremony is professional.

Each student is allowed to bring a maximum of two guests to the ceremony, tickets will be provided.  All students and guests must wear masks while in the Health Center.  Please be aware that the Health Center reserves the right to change the guest policy if COVID-19 restrictions change.  A link to the live stream of the ceremony will be provided for you to share with family and friends who are not able to attend, and the ceremony will be recorded in case anyone wants to watch at a later time.


We will host an in-person parent and family session on Friday, August 19th at 9:00 am with Drs. Held and Regan. Each student is allowed to bring a maximum of two guests to this session (subject to change if COVID-19 restrictions change).


All students will receive a white coat at the White Coat Ceremony. Place your white coat order and select your size and how you want your name to appear by filling out this survey. These coats use men’s sizing, please refer to the size chart below. Please be sure to submit your answers by July 20th. We want to make sure that we have enough time to order a white coat for everyone!

Men's Chest Measurement
XS = 32"
S = 34 or 36"
M = 38 or 40"
L = 42 or 44"
XL = 46 or 48"
2XL = 50 or 52"


We require final transcripts from anyone who received a bachelor’s degree in Fall of 2021 or Spring of 2022.  If this applies to you, you should have already received an email from Emily Montano with the request to send us your final official transcript showing the degree granted.  If you finished your undergraduate degree in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 and did not receive an email from Emily regarding your final transcripts, please email her immediately at


The standardized laptop requirement for the School of Medicine for students entering in 2022 is the HP Elitebook x360 1040 G8. You will receive the required laptop when you arrive on campus, so you do not need to purchase one in advance. It will be pre-loaded with the required curricular software chosen by the faculty. The Elitebook 1040 is a top-of-the-line model equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor technology and 16 GB RAM and meets the strict specifications mandated by the e-testing program used throughout your courses here. The computer comes with a 4-year accidental damage protection warranty in the event that your laptop needs repairs. The laptop is itemized on your tuition and fee bill. If you receive financial aid, the cost of the laptop is included in the budget prepared by the financial aid office.


If you intend to apply for a COVID vaccine exemption, please email the Student Affairs Office immediately at so we can send you the exemption application.


Please complete the parking form and email it to with “Student Parking – first name last name” in the subject line. This form is due by 5 pm (EST) on Wednesday, July 27th. Under category, check SOM 1st year. The payment type and payroll deduction sections should be left blank.
Parking Form


Preparatory materials for Orientation/Launch have been posted on HuskyCT. Instructions on how to access these materials are below. You can expect that a significant amount of preparation will be required for a number of sessions during this period. While formal grades will not be issued during the Launch period, the material taught in classes during Launch will be tested on as early as the 1st weeks of September in graded homework assignments and later during the end of Block LEAP examinations. Please note: You will need to check back prior to the start of Launch as some syllabi and preparatory materials will be added in an ongoing basis until the Launch begins. HuskyCT: is our curricular management system, and where you will find information on your courses and assignments. The navigation toolbar on the left is identical for all courses. You will need your NetID in order to log into HuskyCT at

Schedule & Required Preparation: The schedule for Orientation/Launch has not been finalized yet. However, attached is a list of all of the sessions that have required preparatory assignments IN ADVANCE of the session. You can find the preparation for the 8/10 and 8/12 sessions by following the instructions below after logging into HuskyCT. Click on Courses in the left menu, click on EXPL-8000-BSCI-9000-SEC001-1228 (Launch):

  1. 1. Launch > Curricular Materials (on left) > AITS Introduction > Syllabus. Required ReALM Materials lists the required preparation assignments.
  2. 2. Launch > Curricular Materials (on left) > TBL and How to Succeed > Syllabus. Required ReALM Materials lists the required preparation assignments.
  3. 3. Launch > Curricular Materials (on left) > Becoming a Healthcare Professional > Syllabus. The Recommended ReALMS in this syllabus are the required preparation for the session.
  4. 4. Launch > Curricular Materials (on left) > Delivery of Clinical Care (DoCC) Pre-Sessions/Clinical Skills & Simulation Activities > DoCC 1 (or 2 or 3) > Syllabus. The Recommended ReALMS in these syllabi are the required preparation for the sessions.
  5. 5. Launch > Curricular Materials (on left) > Money Matters. The presentations in this folder are the required preparation for the sessions.

Launch Sessions with Preparation Required



Attached there are three forms that you need to fill out, sign, and upload to OASIS by Friday, August 5th.

  1. 1. Photo release form - We will be taking pictures during orientation and other times during the year, and would like your permission to use them for our website and brochures.
  2. 2. Outdoor Adventure Waiver - All first year students will be participating in team-building exercises during new student orientation, and the site we are using requires a signed waiver from each student.
  3. 3. Academic Policies and Procedures Attestation – please review the Academic Policies and Procedures manual and make yourself familiar with its contents

To upload these forms into OASIS: Log into OASIS using the URL  Your username is your UCHC email address and password is the same as your UCHC information.  The instructions for OASIS are also attached.

Photo Release Form
Outdoor Adventure Waiver
APP Attestation
OASIS Instructions


During the White Coat Ceremony, each student will have a moment to briefly introduce themselves.  Consider it a tweet, and keep it to 140 characters or less.  Don’t overthink it, just say something about yourself, who you are, or what you love.  Keep your tweet about YOU (we will be doing a thank-you to all the families for you).  We also need to know how to pronounce your name!  You must fill out the white coat survey by Friday, August 5th.

In OASIS, enter in the 2022-2023 academic year
Click the “You have surveys to complete” link
Click the “White Coat Ceremony Introduction 2022-2023”
Click the “Submit” link at the bottom


Follow the directions below to upload your COVID card, vaccine dates and manufacturer information in Oasis by Friday, August 5th.

  1. 1. Login to Oasis
    2. Under Announcements, select “Academic History”
    3. From the tabs listed, select “COVID Vaccine Information”
    4. Click “Edit On”
    5. Upload your latest card with the booster date (make sure you hit upload AND save)
    6. Enter your two COVID dates
    7. Enter your manufacturer
    8. Enter your booster date
    9. Enter your booster manufacturer
    10. Once you’ve completed all sections, make sure you hit “save”
    11. Click “Edit off”
    12. Refresh & confirm your entry has saved


      • Students need to purchase this textbook which they need for LAUNCH, as well as for DoCC A-E: Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking (13th ed.)
      • Be prepared with plenty of professional clothing (not suits, but business casual).
      • You may want to purchase a cheap pair of scrubs for Anatomy Lab.
      • During orientation, you will be given a laptop to keep (included in tuition/fees), parking pass for the year, 2-year Boards and Beyond Subscription, as well as a stethoscope (a generous gift from the Alumni Association), a membership to the Wellness Center, and spacious locker.
      • Bring a combination lock to use on your assigned locker.
      • Your portrait will be taken on the first day or Orientation, so look sharp (professional dress)!


      Write a brief biography to introduce yourself to your coaches and coaching group. Feel free to include your interests and hobbies, as well as anything you are looking forward to about your medical school journey. The introductory discussion thread can be found in HuskyCT (log in with your NetID) under the “Coaching – Class of 2026” course > Discussion Board. Find your name on the coaching group list in “Important Documents” and respond in the corresponding group thread before August 10th.


      The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) surveys all medical students in the U.S. three times during their educational career - once at matriculation, once during the second year, and once at graduation. You have been receiving an email from the AAMC regarding the matriculating student questionnaire (MSQ) with your personalized survey link, but very few of you have completed the survey. This survey is very important to the School of Medicine, as the data helps us to assess our program and be better prepared to meet student needs, as well as being a critical factor with our national accreditation reviews. Please take the time to complete the MSQ, and if you can’t locate the email (it may have ended up in your spam filter) please contact so they can re-send.


      Most of the Orientation/Launch requires you to be in professional dress. Suits are not necessary, but business casual is considered professional. Professional dress is required on the 10th (photos will be taken) and for the White Coat Ceremony on the 19th. In addition, professional dress is expected on any day that your schedule shows DoCC or Clinical Skills, and that is most days. We are waiting for the schedule to be finalized, and will post it as soon as it’s ready.  You will be given a UConn SoM t-shirt on the first day and we ask that everyone wear it on the 11th for our team-building day.


      Lots of people will be sending you emails, and we will no longer be using your personal email addresses. It is your responsibility to check your UCHC email daily, as that is the only way we will be communicating with you. To add your UCHC email to your phone, you will need to install MobileIron. Detailed instructions are on the IT website. If you have any issues, please contact IT at 860-679-3366.


      Please note that surgical-style face masks are required at all times on campus. Masks with vents, neck gaiters, etc. are not acceptable. You will be provided with a mask and a face shield (for lab & clinical encounters) on your first day. You will need to provide your own mask after that.  If you forget a mask, they are available at each entrance to the building.


      Due to Covid restrictions, there is no eating allowed in the Academic Rotunda during class. On the first 3 days of orientation we will provide a boxed lunch for you, but you will need to eat it outside. After that, you are on your own for lunch, but the cafeteria will be open if you choose to purchase lunch. Below is a map of spaces on campus that can be used for eating, please note you can only eat in the Rotunda and classrooms if they are not in use and people must remain appropriately spaced apart.
      Lunch Map


      When you arrive on August 10th, you will park in Garage 1, entering on Level 6 (the gate will be open for you). You can refer to the student parking map. Enter the campus on Farmington Avenue. At the rotary go straight up the hill, then bear left. You will see Garage 1 on the left. Enter and exit Garage 1 at the Level 6 rooftop entrance. You can park on levels 4, 5 or 6. You will receive your parking permit in your orientation bag, and after 8/10 your parking hang-tag needs to be on your rearview mirror. You will need to swipe your student ID card to enter the parking garage after 8/10.

      You will be contacted by your orientation group leader regarding the time your group will be meeting on Wednesday 8/10. Everyone will meet their groups on the sidewalk just outside of the Level 6 entrance to Garage 1, and you will walk up to the University Tower as a group.


      The schedule for Launch/Orientation is final and will be posted to the Launch page in HuskyCT. You will also get a paper copy on Wednesday. Please note that many of the sessions are rotations, so your own personal schedule will be different from the next person. You should consult OASIS for your own personal schedule. Prompt attendance at all of the activities are required, except for the optional social events (8/9, 8/14, 8/20, and 8/27).
      Launch/Orientation Schedule


      If you have any COVID related symptoms (cough, fever, chills, sore throat, runny nose, GI symptoms, etc.), call the UCH COVID Call Center at 860-679-3199 for instructions and testing recommendations.  Please also call the Call Center for recommendations on high risk exposures (i.e., you are exposed to someone with COVID).  You will need to notify Student Affairs of the situation immediately by emailing



      More information to come on…
      New Student Orientation
      Summer Assignments
      White Coat Ordering
      …and more!